Thursday, September 04, 2014

ACS - Ang Cannot Sleep

I remembered when I was studying in KMB last time, I used to listen to music while doing the super duper gila babi hard mathematics.

After a few days, when I do the test, I cant remember a single thing.

Then I concluded that studying while listening to music is a form of self deceiving, because studying is so dull, that you want something more interesting to go with it.

But little did you know that actually that something more interesting to go with studying is taking much of your concentration and subconsciously, you learnt nothing.

As usual, I will say that is another Ang's theory, and it is the absolute truth and nothing but the truth, oh well, I used to command such confidence about myself.

They say we grow, and then we realise actually this world is actually much more complicated than what we know, and we are far from the centre of the world.

With that, here is the song I was listening when studying, and I realised, I learnt nothing and wasted the long hours.

Better sleep I guess.

But then again, cant sleep. Argh!

(I always need lyrics on the video because I have difficulty identify English words in song form)

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