Friday, September 05, 2014


I remembered a colleague, fellow house officer who is so excellent in medical knowledge.

Really, he just out-know (is there such a word?) in terms of medical knowledge.

I have always think that all of us are born equal.

We choose to focus our learning and time on certain things but not others.

We cant be good in everything we do.

We only have one bullet in life, we choose where we want to shoot that bullet at.

Anyway, regarding him (whose name shall remain anonymous, hehe), I remembered there is once he talked to me about bacteria.

Out of very random conversation really.

And I am so amazed he can tell me so casually, on so many points regarding what we need to know about bacteria.

It is really amazing.

We can easily ask question to other people and wait for the answer, and if there is none, we answer them. But that does not really test what we know, because we are asking from our pool of knowledge, and surrounding understanding of the particular subject.

Anyhow, why I became so melancholic about this thing, is because I tried to teach my houseman about bacteria:

of course from my understanding, the very shallow, and inadequate knowledge:

which can very briefly, as below:

(I got it from passmedicine last time, which I still remembers till now, so it might be useful for you too)

Bacteria can be divided into Cocci and Rods / Bacilli (from the shape)

And both cocci and rods has got Gram stain - positive and negative.

So; remember Gram positive cocci = two famous names + not so famous one =

Staphylococci, Streptococci, and the not so famous one - Enterococci ( thats all the three gram pos cocci I know)

And then Gram negative cocci = 2 famous one + not so famous one =

Neisseria Meningitis , neisseria gonorrhoe and the one i can remember best although not famous - pizza name, Moraxella

And so habis la the gram pos and neg cocci

Next is Rods (bacilli ) Gram positive - ABCDL

A - actinomyces
B - Bacilus antracis (antrax)
C - Clostridium
D - Diptheria
L - Listeria

And the rest of the world - just tembak as Gram negative rods

( Surely there is alot else to know, but once you started working, all you need to know, is to give broadspectrum and pray patient respond and houseman trace the culture)

Haha. Happy weekends guys

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