Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Brushing off

I am an MO that talks a lot in rounds with my HO but I know very little.

(Yes, I have insight)

But I only have one thing to teach them ; to trust your patient's complaints.

This is really what I didnt learn from school or books, but learn from my short years of working as a doctor.

Do not, rubbish your patient's complaints, seriously.

When I was in Cardiothoracic, we have quite a number of patients waiting inpatient in the ward. 

And you know, sometimes, uncles aunties like to complain, like..cough, backpain, headache....

so, when you see such well person walking around watching tv complaining headache, we tend to think that they are just being...complainitis.

9/10 times it will be all right...patients are just being patients...

But there will be 1 time when the complaint is a genuine serious signs of a serious illness.

I have a stroke patient in ward told me he has headache, and not responding to painkiller.

He developed weakness hours later

Of course I dont know whether the 2-3 hours time lag between headache and body weakness makes any difference, but deep inside me I know, I have branded him just complainitis at the initial complaint. 

Of course they say Judgement Day is between you and god.

But for some of us, the over thinker, it is 


before we sleep.

*This thought propped up because I have a houseman told me that the patient complained of leg numbness, whenever he went into the room, and no longer complain anything when the nurses went in to ask him if any problem. I felt maybe it is truela that this patient is exagerrating but we as doctors, taking a payroll, really, 

should address their complaints.

Just examine him a while, investigate appropriately, and if really turns out nothing, or turns out something despite your investigations, then, 

sleep also can sleep better, no?

Never, brushed off patient, especially in-ward patients.

I have a bone mets complaining backache, passed away with PE - just backache. and died hours later.
I have ACS in patients complaining of no appetite, with no chest pain no SOB no palpitation no sweating.

Patients and diseases come in forms and sizes, their presenting skills might be lacking, some not so good in telling you their pain or discomfort, do not take so much offences of them changing story once a while.

No one, I repeat,

No one, wants to be in Hospital.

Have a good day people. 

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