Sunday, September 14, 2014

Penang Free School

I went to PFS to see how's the school nowadays.
This is actually a very beautiful building. I mean with some touch up; it does have some similarities with the buildings we have in Edinburgh.
My 5 years (1998-2002) in this school is very mixed; very lost and yet very profoundly successful in eyes of many.
Ah profound; I remember the word profound is to describe dirty knowledge. Oops; I regressed. I do this a lot of times recently. Okok...back to PFS.
I started the schooling in this school with very poor command of English. I graduated from the this school with probably; with some language proficiency but still; can't differentiate between past present and future tenses. With very poor vocab. I think I can only name 2-3 vegetables. Lol.
(my English teacher will be proud and surely in complete disbelief that one day this angchoonseong is writing to pass time having had to wait for 6 months in between or twice a year for me to write more than 2 sentences in English)
I have a few unforgettable moments in this school. I found most of my friends here.
I found confidence here. I did well in almost every exams. I also did well cheating. Lol.
I found fitness here. I used to jog many rounds around the huge field (700-800m) to catch some glimpses of the Form Six girls playing volleyball in the court. Forgive me; or us; as we in PFS is rather desperate.
It is always very melancholic when I walked around this school. I have to admit; after all this years I haven't masters the super deep English school song but I did owe it to this school that I am who I am.
Free School; a school for scholars, sportsman and gentleman.
And buaya. Ngap. Ngap. Ngap. Yang jinak.

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