Saturday, September 06, 2014


Time and again we have to be reminded of what is politics all about.

And the sad thing is that we tend to forget very fast.

I watched the news regarding our Internal Security Minister speech in the UMNO Bukit Bendera's divisional meeting today.

No, not the one about arrogant Chinese.

This one is on the "dont be kurang ajar"

Scary I tell you.

Then about the Chinese people getting arrogant is also very interesting.

That one actually took a very good turn - Mr Minister explained, like all other politicians, that his speech was taken out of context and that he is looking for the reporter.

Shyte, if I am the reporter, I sweat liau.

I have to say that on one hand, I dont believe the reporter dare to maliciously take his comment out of context - as The Sun is, afterall, a main stream media.

I look at Mr Minister's face also I takut la, let alone misquoted him at such a scale.

Oh well, I think a video recording of the speech would clear the sky once and for all.

But what I am buying is that, we should take his comment with a pinch of salt.

Because he is addressing the UMNO divisional meeting, and he has to play the music according to the crowd.

And here lies in, our biggest problem in Malaysia - 57 years of nationhood;

We are just like him, outside 1malaysia, inside still by our skin colour.

Politicians sell us what we want to buy.

And really, we are still buying the, skin colour way, sadly.

And there are alot of political issue to be blogged out, but I choose to comment on this one, because I deeply believe that we will need another 57 years with new batch of Malaysians to feedback to the politicians that

NO, after 114 years of nationhood,

we do not buy, what we use to buy, and we hope you can sell us another product.

Happy Independence Month Malaysian.


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