Wednesday, September 17, 2014

UPSR exam and teachers

UPSR leakage created such a big hooha in our country.

Actually I have heard that every year has got all these leakages. And some of the teachers and parents are looking out for it.

But then hor, last time not so well spread.

Nowadays with the Whatsapp and Smartphone, it is very difficult liau la for anything to be secretive, really.

And the suggestions from the ministry to send the paper to overseas to print, I beg to differ la YAB.

I think the crux of the problem is that we are in this system whereby there is no moral regard for honesty from all levels of society.

Oh well, am I being too harsh on my own kind?

I gave my first bribe when I was Form 4, when I go againt the red light, with my motorcycle when I was 15.

And there are a lot of times I gave bribes or, agreed to it to have an easier way out.

I dont know about other people, but when it hit you, I dont have much problem choosing the wrong but easy way out.

For example, in the book "Ampun Tuanku" by Zaid Ibrahim, he mentioned that Sultan Kelantan at one point, (cant remember exact which Sultan) gave royal pardon to His son to get him out of legal problem, and it was the morally wrong thing to do that.

Perhaps it is easier for us to say so, but if it is my son, and I have that ability to get him out of trouble, I would not even think twice.

I think the concept of the battle against corruption to start with giver is difficult to achieve.

Humans, we are weak creatures.

But there should be harsh punishment.

And good enforcement.

And NO, escape.

Then, I wouldnt bribe anyone, because there isnt anyone offering to accept, how to bribe.

We have a funny system in this country, in which we think certain sin are smaller than others. For example to take a bribe for an offence that we think doesnt affect other people that much, we felt better.

Like Custom. I can understand. Money taxed or not taxed also Government don't rasa that much. So our Custom brothers might felt a bit okay to take it.

I dont know. I am not angel.

I am sure no one is. We are weaklings.

Doctors too. When we know it is Datuk or someone who is important, we tend to treat them better. Better meds. Better advice. Better attitude.

But deep inside me, I felt bad, just before I go to sleep.

All the best Malaysia.

Dont take it so harsh on the teachers. If I am parents also I will want leaked questions for my children. Not a single doubt.

I doubt you would be otherwise.

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