Friday, October 31, 2014


I drove down to KL for the first time in my life on my own.

Damn boring.

It is true while I am a very kiamsiap person, when it comes to going fast vs save petrol with economical acceleration and risks of saman, I go for speed.

Scary, to think that I actually made it to KL within 3.5 hours, including toilet break and some stretches of heavy rains.

It was when I was driving I have so many ideas sprung out, flights of idea.

I started to think of my house renovations, how I plan to design my study table and room.

I think I must have a study table with a huge mirror.

It is true to certain extent that I might make other people who visits then to think I am vain, but I think having a mirror infront of the place I spent most time thinking is important.

Looking at your self looking at your self at mirror - you will feel bad and do something more fruitful, no?

Maybe I am TTM again

Tmr will drive back to Penang after the conference.

I think I will do well in sales, I like travelling around, driving around, eating in random coffee shops.

I like to have a target to hit

Right now my life - target is to go home at 5pm, sounds easy but actually rather hard.

On the mean time, I read the news that some medical uni (private) ones are closing due to financial - students are evicted and kicked to another university.

Seriously, reconsider my friends about life as a doctor -

it is not as hard to be a doctor

but it is hard to be a good one.

a good one.

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