Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Heard this song over the radio on the way back.

Today is a good day at work, but not a good day in itself.

Sometimes we tend to over complicate certain things which we shouldnt be,

but at times we over simplify things that we shouldn't be

Everything in this world is not as simple, and yet it is not as difficult.

Time will pass and if I look back at my life for the past 30 years

not many were, what I set out it to be.

When I was 12, I never thought I would be owning a car.

When I was 15, I never thought I would be writing in English for leisure, like this.

When I was 17, I never thought I would be studying overseas.

When I was 20, I never thought I would be fat.

When I was 25, I never thought I would be still studying for exam again.

When I was 27, I never thought I would be,

still this low.

There were too many things in our lives that was not according to plan, but surprisingly, it worked out just fine.

My job made me learnt that our life is about 60 to 70 years in length

and that we must make our lives more meaningful and, purposeful.

to our own self,

and to the people we hold dear to.

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