Monday, November 17, 2014


I used to work in the cardiac and thoracic surgery department before I joined the current hospital.

When in specialized area, we tend to lose our diagnostic ability as things had been worked up quite a bit before sent to us.

I remembered a patient, young, Malay female, probably about 25+.

I was not the one seeing her actually.

She was the eldest among her siblings, and she is just started to work to earn living for her family and her siblings.

But it was really a saddening story - as we found out that she has some form of cancer.

Imagine your life comes to an abrupt end at the tender age of before 30.

I hope she is still around now.

I remembered this case because yesterday I saw a young lady at the age of 25.

She came to us with some neck swelling.

She was still a student.

And we referred to surgical colleagues to do a biopsy.

But she defaulted the follow-up after that - and so she didn't know the diagnosis.

4 months later, she decided to come back as there are now more swellings, across the neck, and the groin as well.

I think,

:( most likely she missed 4 months of intense treatment.

What a pity.

People; be responsible for your own health.

Make our time count.

Be nice to people around you.

And to yourself as well.

For time, is clicking.

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