Thursday, December 18, 2014

Why we do medicine?

Hypocrisy aside, we all have our own agenda.

People only tell you think you want to listen.

I chose medicine because it is the most expensive among the choices given to me, free of charge.

Also I want to be rich.

But after awhile, when we are in the position to help people and we are expected to do so at all times, it became more than just a job to be rich.

I can't make myself doing locums just to pay bills when the alternative is just to spend less.

But I guess when have family and all the priorities and responsiblities changes, so I hold no grudges to those medics who set out to garner riches.

Everyone have their priorities and stories. And everyone is different.

Who are we to judge when we are far from flawless and perfect.

Happy new year people.

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