Friday, January 09, 2015

Blessed Marriage WyKy

(Delayed entry, for 3 weeks hehe)

Thanks for putting me in your best buddies list. Very honoured man!

Sorry for forgotten to charge my phone, missed the alarm, late for the hengtai project.

Ohya, wrong colour shirt for that too.

And for having unkempt hair, unshaven face for that project too.


Then when arriving at the garden ceremony, sorry I misunderstood and wear a tie instead. And Ah Butt have to give me his bowtie and making him wearing another colour bowtie. Spoiled your plan. Argh.

Thanks for inviting me to witness your exchange of vows, front seat.

And making me wearing a coat! The last time I wore coat was my graduation and the one before that was when I flew to UK as JPA scholar (yes, give u a lot of face my friend!)

Beautiful, meaningful and lovely event I must say.

Treat each other well!

Blessed marriage!


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