Friday, January 09, 2015


I sat at home tonight with my ankle swelled up to the size of a pau.

I thought of the history of this symptoms - ankle pain, when it all started.

Erm, housemanship!

I remember my first week tagging in Orthopedic, probably in early 2012 because that was my 4th posting, I think.

We tend to think we are fit and well, I mean me. How others perceive their health, I am not sure.

How can a long distance runner (ehem), regular football player, can ended up with such disability!

Dont know.

I gained about 8kg since back from Kuching, probably difficult to diet at home, have to eat with so many people part of my social responsibility.

Have not been playing futsal for more than 2 months now...

Cant believe my football activity came to an end because of gout at the age of 30.

With central obesity, high LDL, central obesity, hyperuricaemia;

scary thoughts - ACS will have higher risk of ACS.

Not a bad cause of death actually. haha. 

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