Saturday, March 21, 2015


This is such a delay entry.

I dropped my phone when opening my car door.

It hit at the cornerest of the corner of the phone.

After that, the touch screen became no response already, of the 3/4 of the screen.

1/4 of the screen actually still okay...

But nowadays, touchscreen phone, cannot be used if only 1/4 responding...

That reminds of my Nokia fone many years ago in Edinburgh (i searched my blog but apparently I didnt document down this event, arghhh)

At that time I was using a Nokia, no we dont have touchscreen yet.

I always play 5-a-side football bringing only a fiver (Angmoh way of saying 5 pounds) and the fone.

Then I put my fone at the side of the goalpost.

My friend shouted, "Wei, you dont want your fone already ah, put like that sure pecah one"

I said,"you want to shoot the ball in the goal also difficult already, what are the chances the ball hit my phone?"

We played.

One of the shot, I forgot who did it, missed the goal, but got the phone sweetly...

The ball hit the phone, and the phone flew hitting the post.

And the screen cracked, only can see 1/2 the screen. The other half was black.

And so I cannot see the message of the SMS sent to me, but I got unlimited free minutes call, so whenever I received SMS, I can see the sender, and sometimes I will need to call the sender.

Because, I can only guess what is the SMS...

It was a tiring half year using a half phone....


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Brian Hopkins said...

I guess you had a tough time using that phone with only half of it working. I agree that phones nowadays are useless once the screen gets broken. I could only guess how difficult not seeing the messages in those SMS sent to you. Well, I hope you now have a decent phone that functions well. Have a great day! :)

Brian Hopkins @ Microtips USA