Wednesday, June 03, 2015


Back to blogging because it kick starts my reading project.

This morning I saw a bad accident, oh well there is never a good accident anyway.

Accidents are meant to be bad.

There were a pile up of 7 cars i think, or maybe 6, cant really count them all.

The driver of the first car seemed relax, the rest were not so cool.

The one behind was shouting away.

We all know that the one behind going to kena all the way already.

This is the law.

Although he might not be the one at fault, to a certain extent.

It has to be, usually the one most infront braked and the cars behind all knocked each others back because followed to closely.

But in love, we like to blame people.

Sometimes, we have to take it that there is no one to blame.

We need to carry on.

We need to know that some people cars also dont have.

Some people, never sat a car before. (truestory)

And who are we to be so saddening and keep the blaming game going?

In the end, what makes we happy, are the true happiness.

Not what make others think that we are happy.

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