Saturday, June 20, 2015


I have always wonder what would I be if I am not a doctor?

"Marketing lah! I can talk to anyone from anywhere of any age one"

"Management lah! I like to organise things and many times to have been able to get people to work hard for me!"

Yes, that might be true.

I applied Medicine because I wanted a reputable line of job.

I want people to know I can do things they cant do, sometimes even with money.

Respect has to be earned.

But as I go further and deeper into medicine, I realised although my deepest interest might not be in medicine, but deep inside us, we have altruistic tendencies.

To see people get well.

To see people happy.

And to see the people we care happy!

That is why I always thought to myself, doctors can only be truly happy, if patients do not pay for their treatments.

When we factor in money, this noble thing that I am trying to do is full of suspicious, full of intent

both from the patients and family,

and myself.

I also want to be rich, who doesnt?

But if money is the one thing that makes you keep going, in this line;

you might not be able to enjoy to be happy anyway.

*Reminder to self, of the real meaning of life, and taking care of lives*

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