Monday, June 15, 2015

Next door

I am in KL for a work-related visit (ceh wah).

Booked a hotel within the claiming expenses somewhere nearby KL Sentral and since the day is still bright, decided to have a walk around KL sentral.

Walked past Jalan Sultan Abdul Samad, very Indian feel. A lot of Indians, with some warungs and teh tarik stalls.

The 4 storeys flats and shophouses below them, with mostly doing small businesses like printings, locksmiths, some distributors etc.

Then I turned into some roads with Brickfields name - still alot of people walking around the street. I must admit I am seeing more foreigners.

Then there is this road (not small lanes, I am not that hero)

with a lot of man sitting on chairs and tables chit chatting near the entrance to the upstairs of 3 storeys very old looking shophouses, and it looks very dodgy, I just walked quickly passed it.

Actually heard some woman's cries from the upstairs and then the man downstairs sitting there just smile among them.

I dont know. I felt quite sad.

It is not that I am culturally shocked, this type of things existed even in Penang.

But dont know, it is today emo terlebih or what

I feel a sense of sadness, that just behind that row of flats, just like 15-20 steps away, literally just behind that only to another shop houses overlooking

the grand, modern looking, shopping mall of Nu Sentral,

where people dressed up nicely in branded stuffs

where cars are valet parked

where most of the coffee and cakes costs RM20 above

where people spent hundreds on lunch only

and just nearby

we have young/old women forced into prostitution.

and we just walked through, and continue our lives.

Sorry, maybe it is just overthinking Whatblog.

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