Friday, July 24, 2015


Semua nak menang, siapa nak kalah?

As I ages, I starts to understand the heavy meaning of the above seemingly light sentence

Sunday, July 05, 2015

Bangkok 5565

I went to Bangkok for an investigators meeting.
Konkunkap to this company and this study.

DS - Arigatokap

Hospitality is so superb. (Already buying 5565 for today Magnum/Toto/Kuda)

The Westin Hotel is really a very posh hotel... (yeah, wont be able to afford actually, hahaha..too ex la)

Didnt go anywhere else apart from around the Hotel, coz scared meet orang jahat tangkap. LOL

(lack of travel funds la, "why my father is not Li Kah Sing")

Only went out across the street to the shopping mall, Westin is just right next to one very interesting shopping mall, the Terminal 21.

The concept is based on airport designed terminal...

The 9 storey high Terminal 21
We were treated very nice reception dinner at the 26 storey Altitude with spectacular view of Bangkok. Not a quarter of investigators turned up. For me it shows how investigators treating the investigators meeting concept. Right or wrong? oh well, small potato here I would like to show my gratitude for the hospitality. (oh probably some will cite their disagreement with the profitability of the pharma and their abuses, erm...then why you take the free trip?)

Like this shot.
Would I be one day having a building under my name? ACS on top of the building

DS is a Japanese company. The investigators are trying very hard to converse in English, which is rather difficult to learn for them, as their Japanese Language makes it harder in terms of pronounciation.

So I thought to myself, If I am able to, I will try to learn up this language. 

It will be so cool right, if I blahblahblah in Japanese.

On a serious note, medical advances of the Japanese is very impressive. We must admit that their discipline and attitudes is somewhat very enviable.

We tend to ignore them and continue to idolise the West in terms of medical research. 

But they had too many success stories for us to ignore them actually.

For example, there must be something done very right for their ACS rate to be that low, their rate of transplantation of kidneys are so successful and etc.

Yes, 2017 probably I can - Angchoonseong-san.